Children’s Quotes

“Today is the best day of my life.”

—second grader, Saint Rosalia’s Academy, Pittsburgh, PA


“I love reading with you.”

—third grader, shelter resident, Pittsburgh, PA


“Cus of you, I’m starting my own book at home.”

—fourth grader, Dilworth School, Pittsburgh, PA


“Dear President Obama,

We’ve been learning about “Hope” in America. We began by reading a book titled Hope Somewhere in America by Ms. Sydelle Pearl. It was exciting to have her in our class. She took us on a journey using a timeline from slavery to freedom. We started by learning about Harriet Tubman and ended with you…”

—fourth graders, Dilworth School, Pittsburgh, PA


“It was very fun and cool finding out about Henrey. I even call him Henrey now! It’s like I know him!”

—third grader, Baldwin School, Cambridge, MA