What are people saying about Storypearls?

I wrote this note to someone who wasn’t able to make it to your presentation:

Something I learned again from Sydelle’s talk…how much writing is a calling…Remember in Catholic school the emphasis on vocation, on hearing the voice, on the calling, especially to the priesthood, to be a nun. Sydelle hears the small voice and follows with commitment, persistence, and passion.

How beautifully you demonstrated living your calling today! I’m so pleased for us, for you.

Jeanne Zell, Writing Teacher

“I absolutely loved your workshop last year where you went through the phases of getting published and I know the students [grades 4-8] were engaged and inspired!”

                                                     —Leslie Wessner, Coordinator Young Writers, Pittsburgh, PA


“Sydelle possesses several rare gifts that make her an exceptional ambassador for literacy. Her naturally charismatic and approachable teaching style brings in elements of movement, art-making, and music to create a playful environment for children to explore books and writing. Another wonderful quality is Sydelle’s masterful use of children’s books as a Launchpad for further learning across many disciplines from history to geography to how a book is made. Her workshops are always so much more than the words on the page….On more than one occasion, children have left one shelter and reappeared in another one months later, with Sydelle’s book in their backpack among their few prized possessions.”

                                                –Laura Saulle, former Assistant Executive Director,
Homeless Children’s Education Fund, Pittsburgh, PA


“Dear Sydelle,

It was such a joy to have you visit our third graders. Students were so engaged with your story and are excited to read your book.   I really appreciated how you made your presentation interactive and gave lots of time for questions.

Thank you again.


                                                   —Karin Kugel, School Librarian, Baldwin School, Cambridge, MA


“ Since 2014, Ms. Pearl has visited Saint Rosalia Academy, becoming our visiting author and infusing her love of literature in all of our students. The three components of her Storypearls model, Imagination, Culture, and Kindness are used to contribute greatly to the students’ literacy development.”

                             —Sarah Tonski, Principal, Saint Rosalia Academy, Pittsburgh, PA


“It was such a joy to watch you interact with my students once again….Thank you for sharing your talent with our school. It Is always an honor to have you visit!”

                                      —Arleen McCafferty, School Librarian, Pittsburgh Morrow


“Thanks for all the support and help you provided with encouraging young children to enjoy reading! You were amazing.”

                                                                        —Alivia Clark, Retired Principal, Pittsburgh Morrow


“I was very touched by your author’s talk about Longfellow.”

                                       —Carrie Prisco, attendee at Sydelle’s presentation at the
Massachusetts Reading Association Conference, Quincy, MA


“As I watched the children’s faces I could see how they were drawn in by her storytelling style—building anticipation, setting the stage for what was to come and not giving away too much with each phase as the story unfolded.

Thank you Sydelle for bringing your story “Joseph the Potter” and the book Elijah’s Tears to our school!”

                                           —Darryl Bloom, Beth Jacob Synagogue, Montpelier, VT


“We really enjoyed your presentation and then reading the book just put the icing on the cake!! We were very fortunate to have had this wonderful experience!”

                                                                   —Heather Schanck, Grade 3 Teacher, Pittsburgh Brookline


“Several years ago, Ms. Pearl agreed without hesitation to do a workshop/story time for the Homeschoolers Society, an online service I then coordinated, which offered members online meetings, classes, and exposure to world-expanding guest speakers.   Although some of the guest speakers were “bigger fish” (e.g., a LEGO designer in Denmark or an Apollo astronaut), none of them taught the kids more important lessons or held their attention better than Sydelle with her wonderful book Hope Somewhere in America.  Sydelle engaged the kids fully and respectfully, both telling a story of–and simultaneously demonstrating–the power of hope, pride, and respect for other human beings.

Given her sincerity and rare ability to connect with people of all ages, I strongly encourage anyone who works with children to give themselves and their children the benefit of a class, workshop, or story time with Sydelle.”

—Nancy Downes (MA Linguistics, TESOL Certification,
MA Professional Writing), Edits International, LLC